New research has shown that the accelerated appropriation this year of mobile banking is helping customers save money. About two thirds (65%) of those surveyed are presently utilizing banking apps to manage their cash, a rise of 10% who did in the past year. Numerous  individuals are gaining the benefits of utilizing apps, with about half (46%) expressing they have saved cash since making the switch – a significant £173.00 saved on average per month (£2,076 per year). These savers credit having instant access to statements (51%), being able to set reserve funds goals (37%), up and coming payment updates (33%) and being able to examine investing with notifications on investment funds recommendations (33%) for helping them to save their cash.

Banking technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds in recent years, with apps now playing a major role in helping people manage their money better. PaymentZ Mobile Application, which gives users access to multi-currency accounts, instant payments, saving accounts, 2FA security, can help you manage their daily budget in a fast and secure way.