1. Much faster

Everyone can agree that paying using a card is 3 times faster than by cash (Searching for wallet, counting cash and coins, then counting change).

Contactless payments are awesome for commerce as well. Not only do they offer assistance to decrease long lines and speed up the check-out, but they moreover offer assistance to increase deals which can boost your benefits. Faster payments guarantee everybody is satisfied.

  1. Security

In case of theft, you can easily freeze your bank account, so there will be no loss in your budget, but in case of stolen cash – most likely you will not protect from any loss. Plus, PaymentZ provides a 2FA security system, so no one will be able to log in to your account or make money transfers without your confirmation.

  1. Tracking

By using online banking, it is simple to track sent money. There is an option to see the status of the transaction (Sent, Received, Refunded, etc), so you will not worry whether the beneficiary’s party received your transaction or not, you can check it in less than 1 min. Also, there is always an option to cancel the transaction, if there were some spelling mistakes in the payment form.

  1. Cheaper Worldwide payments

International transactions made online of course would be more affordable, as in that case the customer does not require a manager’s assistance. So, fees and commissions are cheaper than ones made in Bank Branches.