1. Bills

Everyone has different types of bills that must be paid at the end of the month. Sometimes we can forget about one and have to pay even more (due to interest).

That’s why automation will be very useful, as you do not need to remember all the bills you have to pay, plus there are no chances that you have to pay more, because of forgetting one.

Building a budget is being in control of your cash and not being inefficient. Automated charge pay features will assist you to avoid superfluous expenses and help free up your time each month so that you simply can focus on the more crucial parts of your life.

  1. Savings 

Everyone wants to learn how to save money out of their salary, but when we see something attractive in the shops, we forget about savings totally. So, how can you save without immediate spending?

In that case Saving Accounts will help you.While advanced utilizing programmed saving tools, you’ll frequently put cash aside and build an adequate investment fund. Now, an incredible savings account feature on PaymentZ can assist you to accomplish this goal.  PaymentZ application has a module with Savings, that helps you to save money for a dream purchase or trip, to set a goal amount and to predict when you can reach your target, as well as see your savings accumulate. 

  1. Investments.

There are a few incredible robotized investing apps which users take advantage of that make investing simple and programmed. After you reply to questions around your objectives, risk appetite and connect your bank account, the app handles the rest. If you’re a set-it-and-forget-it sort of individual, you’ll cherish how these apps make investing easy.

According to surveys, financial services officials overwhelmingly concur that executing Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the key competitive driver of success over another few years. In truth, 83% concur that AI is creating new ways to distinguish offerings and win new clients.

PaymentZ app offers personalized money related advice and offers assistance to people to accomplish their financial goals. These clever frameworks track salary, basic repeating costs, and investing habits and come up with an optimized arrangement and money related tips.

Intelligent character recognition makes it conceivable to robotize a variety of ordinary, time-consuming assignments that require thousands of working hours and expand payrolls. Artificial intelligence-enabled software confirms the information and produces reports concurring to the given parameters,and audits records. PaymentZ uses artificial intelligence during onboarding of new clients to fully check documents and perform screening of the person. As a result, the client spends only 2 min on the full procedure of verifying the documents in a trustworthy and secure way.

  1. Much faster

Everyone can agree that paying using a card is 3 times faster than by cash (Searching for wallet, counting cash and coins, then counting change).

Contactless payments are awesome for commerce as well. Not only do they offer assistance to decrease long lines and speed up the check-out, but they moreover offer assistance to increase deals which can boost your benefits. Faster payments guarantee everybody is satisfied.

  1. Security

In case of theft, you can easily freeze your bank account, so there will be no loss in your budget, but in case of stolen cash – most likely you will not protect from any loss. Plus, PaymentZ provides a 2FA security system, so no one will be able to log in to your account or make money transfers without your confirmation.

  1. Tracking

By using online banking, it is simple to track sent money. There is an option to see the status of the transaction (Sent, Received, Refunded, etc), so you will not worry whether the beneficiary’s party received your transaction or not, you can check it in less than 1 min. Also, there is always an option to cancel the transaction, if there were some spelling mistakes in the payment form.

  1. Cheaper Worldwide payments

International transactions made online of course would be more affordable, as in that case the customer does not require a manager’s assistance. So, fees and commissions are cheaper than ones made in Bank Branches.

The global financial sector is expected to be worth US$26.5 trillion in 2022 with a CAGR ( Compound annual growth rate) of 6%.

E-commerce is one of the biggest growth drivers of fintech, with a CAGR of 10–12% thanks to consumer behavior.

64% of consumers worldwide have used one or more fintech platforms, up from 50% in 2020.

We suggest trying out our easy to use PaymentZ platform, then you will experience first hand this time-saving  application compared to ordinary banks. 

This year, 90% of users will make a mobile payment with their smartphone,with PaymentZ  you can make payments in just 1 min, it shows another example how payments historically performed exclusively by banks are no longer.

By the year 2022, mobile transactions are projected to grow by 121%. This will eventually comprise 88% of all banking transactions. That is why we offer you to become a part of the future, by creating an account and making online transactions, right now using PaymentZ.

Nearly one in three parents presently pay pocket money online, straight into kids’ bank accounts. Among those with children over the age of 14, it is a half. 

With today’s under 14s receiving annual allowance money of £241.28, or £4.64 a week, and indeed four-year-olds getting an average of £2.38 a week. Parents are choosing digital avenues since it provides comfort, security, and educates children to budget, the survey found.

There is no reason to fear cashless installments or to attempt to shield children from them. Rather, we ought to make sure children are introduced to digital money early, with practical hands-on lessons to empower responsible behavior. PaymentZ Mobile App will attract even very young clients with its colors and interface. Moreover, the application will be easy to use even for kids, it was created in a simple and appealing way.

After all, you wouldn’t educate your child how to utilize a typewriter rather than a computer, so why do the same with cash? At its core, digital banking empowers children. So why not start educating our kids about finance through using the PaymentZ application now?

New research has shown that the accelerated appropriation this year of mobile banking is helping customers save money. About two thirds (65%) of those surveyed are presently utilizing banking apps to manage their cash, a rise of 10% who did in the past year. Numerous  individuals are gaining the benefits of utilizing apps, with about half (46%) expressing they have saved cash since making the switch – a significant £173.00 saved on average per month (£2,076 per year). These savers credit having instant access to statements (51%), being able to set reserve funds goals (37%), up and coming payment updates (33%) and being able to examine investing with notifications on investment funds recommendations (33%) for helping them to save their cash.

Banking technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds in recent years, with apps now playing a major role in helping people manage their money better. PaymentZ Mobile Application, which gives users access to multi-currency accounts, instant payments, saving accounts, 2FA security, can help you manage their daily budget in a fast and secure way.

Digital, mobile, and social channels are now fast becoming a crucial part of our way of life. This was true before the widespread pandemic but is indeed even more important right now. Financial lockdowns, social distancing and work from home have all contributed to a fast adoption of advanced  innovation.

Fintech business visionaries rose to the challenges posed by Covid-19 by providing customers with computerized, secure, consistent client experiences and attempting to expand access, security, comfort, and effectiveness at a lower price.

PaymentZ can offer assistance to buyers to adjust to the changing requests at work or school, in commerce, entertainment and indeed travel. From online and real-time transactions to enhancing the client experience. With borrowing made less demanding, fintechs can address many of the difficult points that customers have when managing their accounts.

Moving forward, we are able to anticipate fintech will become ubiquitous to our daily routines. Innovations such as artificial intelligence will proceed to advance monetary management to another level, and fintech vendors can lead the charge with modern and forward thinking applications which respond to changes and meet client desires.

Finance app downloads spiked by 15% amid the widespread, with mobile fintech applications outflanking banks by a figure of up to 10.8 times.

Fund apps were downloaded 4.6 billion times in 2020, with buyers spending 16.3 billion hours browsing  their mobiles to check their accounts.

Overall, there were 57 billion ad impressions across 81 million clicks, 12 million app installs, and 20 million first-time events in 188 apps for the full 2020 calendar year.

Covid-19 and the  financial instability which followed brought in clients who invested gigantic amounts of time on fund apps all through 2020, and more promptly activating in-app, with rates going up a third to 25.1%.

PaymentZ Mobile App (For both Android and iOS) is waiting for your installation, it is a personal financial platform for everyday use. Using PaymentZ App is a convenient and versatile way to manage your payment and budget needs.