About Paymentz

Financial infrastructure for modern businesses. Made for the new economy.

Based in London, and regulated by the FCA, we are at the centre of the financial renaissance, delivering innovative solutions for a wide range of businesses. We are quick, secure, competitive, and compliant. Our freedom from outdated legacy systems empowers us to approach digital financial services from a fresh perspective.

Our services are designed for small and medium-sized participants competing in the offline and online economy. These SMEs are united by a common requirement: simple and efficient collection of funds in local accounts and seamless outbound payments worldwide.

For companies with higher transaction volumes, we offer tailored solutions to meet specific corporate needs.

Paymentz Is A Single Point For:

Remote set-up and operation of business payments using local IBANs
National and international payments in 20+ currencies with favourable FX rates
Aggregation and simplification of payments operations on the Paymentz platform

We are driving the creation of a truly unified payment ecosystem, allowing clients from all over UK to go for global business while staying local.


Paymentz enables businesses to efficiently execute domestic and international payments, eliminating the need to visit physical office branches, fill out paper forms, and navigate extensive procedures. Moreover, for those who already have accounts elsewhere, we offer the option to consolidate them onto a single, user-friendly platform – all at the lowest possible cost.