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Paymentz offers financial and technological solutions for a variety of businesses, enabling the receipt of payments for services or goods from a wide range of countries. We facilitate the mass collection of payments from your customers and their remittance worldwide using unique IBANs.
IBAN Collect

IBAN COLLECT is a versatile service that can enhance the speed and efficiency of money collection in EUR and GBP currency using unique IBANs. Each of your customers will pay to a dedicated IBAN of your company. Easy to track payments – all incoming transactions will be credited to a specific IBAN. Your customers will no longer need to enter specific details in payment orders. Just click on a required IBAN and instantly find the payments.

IBAN Remit

IBAN REMIT – a cutting-edge money remittance service for instant settlements in various currencies using unique IBANs. You can remit money from your master account in various currencies using a manual mode or an API. Paymentz system receives API Call and makes pay-out to your clients. Pay-outs are available in different currencies.


Send API calls for outgoing transaction from dedicated IBANs


Get API calls about all incoming transactions to any of your IBANs

Privileges for IBAN Collect users

Instant remittance of funds

Lightning speed for money collection using EUR SEPA Instant and GBP Faster Payments.

Low commissions

IBAN COLLECT is significantly cheaper compared to Visa/MasterCard payments.

No chargebacks

Requesting a chargeback after the execution of a transfer is significantly harder than using a payment card.

Simple reconciliation

Effortless reconciliation for streamlined financial management.

Privileges for IBAN REMIT users

Instant remittance of funds

We settle payments in EUR and GBP with a speed of a swift. The one that is the bird! We also do T+0 / T+1 payments in local currencies around the world.

No intermediaries

We enable direct payment reconciliation between our client and the beneficiary of transaction.

Low commissions

IBAN REMIT is significantly cheaper in comparison with SWIFT transactions or OCT.

Simple payment process

Submission of payments via API or batch files reduces to a minimum the workload and time spent on the processing of pay-outs.

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