Open Banking

Launch the future of payments.

Grow your business with innovative payment infrastructure while unlocking the world of open banking.

Transaction Flow


Significant savings on transaction fees
Fast acceptance and collection of payments
Provision of seamless payment flow
Flexibility of payment infrastructure

Up to 15 types of fees can be applied
Processing of transaction can last up to several months
Old-fashioned way of payment service
Lack of further development

Significantly reduced fees

Paymentz account-to-account payments enable businesses to bypass expensive card schemes. As a result of having significantly smaller payment processing costs, merchants keep more of their profits, giving them a competitive edge.

Minimised drop-offs

Paymentz one-click payment option enables merchants to streamline their online checkout experience. Due fact that additional steps at the checkout are eliminated, customers can enjoy secure and instant payments. And with a smoother checkout experience, merchants can attract more customers.

Increased customers` loyalty

When paying via Paymentz customers have no chance to get confused or frustrated. Thanks to a quicker and more enjoyable payment experience, consumers remember a smooth and secure checkout journey rather than struggles and issues.

Instant settlement

There's no need to spend days if not weeks awaiting, for funds to become settled. With the help of Paymentz businesses can collect payments promptly and get immediate access to them. Accelerated payments improve cash flow and let merchants fulfil orders faster.

Easy access to European markets

Paymentz empowers businesses to take advantage of open banking by providing a cutting-edge payment gateway covering Europe. Thus, customers all over Europe can use their preferred local bank to pay, while businesses can save on transaction costs.

Reach 300M+ customers with a single API


With Paymentz enhance the local touch by introducing local banks' payment options and account-to-account payments without additional card fees.


Expand your global market reach with Paymentz, utilizing our comprehensive payment infrastructure to facilitate seamless international transactions and empower your business to thrive on a worldwide scale.

Paymentz benefits

Broad coverage

Explore global opportunities with the Paymentz Gateway, encompassing a well-developed bank network across 27 EU and EEA countries. This extensive coverage enables merchants to broaden their consumer pool, reaching over 350 million clients throughout Europe.

Fair pricing

Paymentz offers fast and fair-priced cross-border payments with an option to reduce transaction costs by enabling account-to-account payments. Save your time and resources by choosing a trusted payment infrastructure for an affordable price.

More payment methods

Offer your clients a payment service with expanded options pack. Allow them to enjoy the best of open banking by providing an account-to-account (A2A) payment method that significantly reduces transaction costs.

Security first

Paymentz greatly reduces the risk of online payment fraud by excluding unnecessary intermediaries from the transaction process. 100% API-based connectivity with European banks and a unique encryption system makes Paymentz nearly immune to cybercrime.

Quick account linking

Save your customers from going through a long payment process with every purchase. Account linking takes only a few seconds and every further online payment will be made with a single click. It works just like adding a card, just quicker and easier. Enable this feature to reduce drop-offs and improve customer retention.
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