Complaints Handling Policy

Last updated: January 3, 2024

The Policy commits to establishing the main principles of resolving the Complaints. It provides with good standards of prompt and fair dealing with the Complaint.

The Company is open to every Customer, who has any concerns. The Company strives for delivery of the high-quality Service; therefore, it appreciates any feedback from the Customers. The Customers' opinion or concern on the provided Services, helps the Company to detect possible flaws and inconveniences, to eliminate them, and to improve the Service being provided.

The Policy provides the Customer with information on:

- how to submit the Complaint and to receive the Response;

- how to settle possible disputes, which might be raised with the Company;

- how records of the Complaints are kept.

This Policy is annually reviewed and amended if the Company considers such amendments are necessary. The amended version of the Policy is published on the Company’s website not later than one day after it has been approved. The amended and updated Policy is in force from the moment of its publication on the Company website. If the Complaint had been submitted before publication of the amended Policy, it is processed in accordance with the Policy, which was in force on the day of submission of the Complaint.


The Company is ready to deal with any of the Complaints related to the Customer's expression of dissatisfaction with the Services, or the Company's failure to act in a proper way. Therefore, there is a difference between these kinds of complaints and concerns. If a concern is related to the Company’s staff work, or the Customer wishes to express his/her opinion or proposal on improvement of the provided Services, the best way is to discuss them with the appropriate supervision department. However, the Customer is entitled to submit any of his/her concerns as the Complaint, which will be handled pursuant to this Policy.

The only case, when a concern is not handled as the Complaint within the meaning of this Policy, is when it constitutes an application for the exercise of personal data protection rights, submission and processing of which is governed by the Privacy Policy of the Company.


The process of receiving and reviewing of the Complaints and responding to them is built around ensuring of prompt and fair elimination and investigation.

The Complaint handling process is free of charge. However, in the event of the continuously repeating and ungrounded Complaints, the Company is entitled to a refund from the Complainant's administrative expenses, connected with dealing with such the Complaint.


When the Customer is not satisfied with the provided Services or has any objections, opinions, or suggestions for improvement of the Services are being used, it submits the Complaint.

The Complaint is submitted to the Company in written form, sending it by ordinary post or, alternatively, by sending it electronically from the Customer e-mail, defined as the contact e-mail, to the Company’s official e-mail address:

By post
2-4 Eastern Road, Imperial Offices, Romford, England, RM1 3PJ

The Complaint shall contain the name and the address of the Complainant, the signature in the event of its submission by post, the essence, and the date. To ensure prompt and effective elimination and investigation of the Complaint, the Company asks to provide information on the Complainant’s account number held with the Company. However, the Complainant is entitled to provide the Company with any other additional information, that might be useful in the process of the Complaint.

If the Complaint is submitted by the Customer’s representative, the Complaint shall be provided with representation rights proving documents.


On receipt of the Complaint the Company acknowledges it and gives an appropriate notice to the Complainant within 3 (three) Business days of the receipt of the Complaint.

The procedure of the Complaint investigation includes several steps:

- assessment of the Complaint form;

- assessment of the Complaint essence;

- conclusion on the Complaint from compliance with the Policy;

- conclusion on the Complaint essence;

- decision on actions to be taken about the Complaint.

The Company is entitled to ask the Complainant to submit additional documents and information. If the Complainant refuses to provide the Company with the required documents for undefined reasons, the Company might reject the Complaint due to the absence of possibility to ensure a competitive, diligent, and impartial investigation.

The Complaint may be left without consideration also when its’ form does not comply with the requirements stated in the Policy, or the Complainant's representative person rights are not proved.


The Complaint is provided with the Response within 15 (fifteen) Business days of the receipt of the Complaint.

The Response is sent to the address, specified in the Complaint. If the address is not specified by the Complainant, the Response is sent to the address, defined as the contact address of the Customer.

If the process of investigation takes longer due to the complicated character of the Complaint, the Company explains the reason for such delay. The explanations are sent to the Complainant in a manner, provided for the Response.

However, the Company provides the Complainant with the final Response no later than in 35 (thirty-five) Business days of the receipt of the Complaint.


When the Company defines, that another organization is fully or partly responsible for the manner of the Complaint, received by the Company, it decides on the Complaint forwarding. However, the Company carefully assesses reasons for such forwarding, ensuring the following grounds:

- the Respondent will handle the Complaint promptly;

- where a joint responsibility of the Company and the Respondent for the fault alleged in the Compliant occurs, the Complaint may be forwarded to the Respondent only in part, which is under its responsibility.

The Company notifies the Complainant on such forwarding and contact details of the relevant Respondent.

If the Company receives the Complaint forwarded from another organization, the process of investigation is carried out within the time limits, defined in the Policy, and the Response is made directly to an organization the Complaint had been forwarded from.


If the Complainant is not satisfied with the Response, and the Complaint cannot be resolved to get the satisfaction of the Complainant, the raised dispute can be settled in the FOS.

Nevertheless, the rights to appeal against the Response in the FOS are related to the Eligible complainant, who is:

- the Consumer, or;

- a micro-enterprise with fewer than 10 employees and turnover or annual balance sheet of € 2 million or less, or;

- a charity with an annual income of less than £ 6.5 million, or;

- trustee of a trust with a net asset value of less than £ 5 million, or

- a small business, which is not a Micro-enterprise, which employs fewer than 50 persons or has a balance sheet total of less than £5 million.

The amount mentioned hereby can be calculated in its equivalent in any other currency, but at the time the Complainant refers the Complaint to the Company.

The FOS provides the Eligible complainant with independent service, which is free of charge, but the Complainant shall follow the defined time limits. Otherwise, the FOS may refuse to deal with the Complaint. Therefore, the Complainant shall follow these time limits:

- 6 months from the date of the final Response from the Company has been received;

- 3 years from the date on which the Complainant had cause for the Complaint.

The FOS is contacted in the following ways:

By post The Financial Ombudsman Service Exchange Tower, London, United Kingdom, E14 9SR
By phone 0800 023 4567
By e-mail

When the Complainant is not the Eligible complainant, disputes are settled in accordance with the UK legal regulation.


The Company records all the Complaints, responses, and appropriate measures, that have been taken. Every Complaint, received by the Company, is allocated with a number and logged on the register of the Complaints. The Company keeps personal data about the Complainant and related individuals. These data are only known to the Company staff, whose job responsibilities are provided considering the Complaints. The only exception can be made in circumstances, where the relevant legislation applies or third parties are involved.

However, the Company keeps the records of the Complaints in accordance with the Company’s Privacy policy and the requirements of the relevant UK personal data protection regulation.


The Company provides the FCA with annual reports on the Complaints it has received about the provided Services. The reports are provided on the Complaints, received from the Customers, who are the Eligible complainants, and on all the Complaints, received from all other Customers.

These reports are provided in accordance with the special FCA Complaints reporting rules.

Terms Definitions
Business day A day being a working day in the UK within the Company’s working hours
Company PAYMENTZ Ltd, a company incorporated in the United Kingdom and registered in the Companies House under the registration number: 12431685, having its registered address at 2-4 Eastern Road, Imperial Offices, Romford, England, RM1 3PJ
Complainant The Customer, who makes the Complaint
Complaint The statement of the Customer, which expresses its dissatisfaction with the Company’s provided services
Consumer A natural person acting for purposes that are wholly or mainly outside that individual’s trade, business, craft, or profession
Customer A natural person or legal entity receiving the Services
Eligible complainant A person eligible to have a complaint considered under the FOS
FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) The UK state conduct regulator of the financial service firms and financial market in the UK
FOS (Financial Ombudsman Service) The UK ombudsman service that settles complaints between Consumers and businesses that provide financial services
Policy This Complaints Handling Policy
Response The Company provided an answer to the Complaint
Respondent A person, to whom the Complaint is forwarded by the Company
Service The Company’s provided services, which are received by the Customer
UK The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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