Payment Cards

Common Questions

Who can get a payment card?

Paymentz issues plastic payment cards to all clients with residence in the UK and European Economic Area.

How can I order payment card.
  1. To order card go to cards module (web or mobile app).
  2. Select Order card.
  3. Choose currency.
  4. Enter delivery address details.
  5. Choose delivery type.
How long should I wait for my card to be delivered?

Waiting time depends on your residence country. Usually waiting time takes 3 – 10 working days.

How can I activate the card?

Card activation is available via web or mobile app. Go to card module and push activation button.

How can I block the card?

Card blocking is available via web and mobile app. Go to card module and push “block” button.

Card currencies

Paymentz issues plastic payment cards in EUR and GBP currencies.

I received new card, but it does not work.

Most probable reason might be that you forgot to activate the card and top-up the card. Do not forget that in order to use a card you need to preload it first.

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